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Heat sealable film
Product name: Heat sealable film
Model: SY-F
Category: Functional film
Update date:2019-07-26
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Product Features:

Heat Sealable PET Film with high tensile strength, without the coating, that is having a composite heat-sealing properties, good water oxygen barrier properties, chemical resistance and dimensional stability, friendship, etc., with tin, lighting board, aluminum, PET plates and other direct heat sealing, the material surface to form a protective layer to prevent oxidation, waterproof, extending its life.

Our industry-leading technology to master, according to the different needs of customers, the production of single-sided double-sided heat sealing film sealing film, has a wider range of uses.

Main uses:

The main purpose:

Heat Sealable PET Film is widely used in sealing seal pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, oil, chemicals, pesticides, feed container industry, because of its appearance, printable logos, a strong barrier, etc., can play a moisture-proof, leak-proof, anti-counterfeiting, to improve product quality and extending shelf life role
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